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Welcome to our website.  We offer tag and tackle rugby programs starting at the pre-K level all the way through 12th grade.  We are always accepting new players, and registration never closes.  If you have any questions, just email us. 

See some general information below, and check our team and registration pages for more information.

Isn’t Rugby Dangerous?  Why should I let my kid play?

Many people feel this way.  I did when my son first started playing.  But, after 9 years of football, 10 years of ice hockey, and 2 years of rugby, I would rather my children played rugby than just about any other contact sport out there.


Safety.  Rugby teaches players NOT to lead with your head.  In fact, head contact is one of the biggest taboos in rugby.  Starting around the middle school level, kids are taught how to tackle safely and correctly.

Is there more?  YES!!!

Rugby is the most fun sport around.  There is a position on the pitch for every kid, no matter what size you are!  And, EVERYONE touches the ball.  That’s right, everyone can have a chance to carry the ball, no weight limits.  Not to mention that that there is a always a party afterward, and everyone leaves it all on the field to hang out together. 

Want more info?  Come check us out!  We have practices twice a week.  You can come to up to 2 practices before you have to register!  However, if you want to tackle, you have to register with USA Rugby.  Check out the link to the right!

See our Calendar site.  Teams are organized by school grade.  The spring season has tackle teams from 3rd grade through 12th grade.  Summer introduces our tag season, where we have touch rugby teams from pre-k through 6th grade, and tackle teams from 3rd grade through 12th grade.  Find the practice that fits you and come on out! 


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